Infinite Concept Phone Sticks to its Name; Will be Trendy for Your Son, Too

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Want a mobile phone that never goes obsolete? Well then check out the Infinite Sustainable Mobile Phone, a concept created by designer Will Orrock, that relies on two main ideas: layers and upgrade. Infinite uses 4 basic layers: the battery, the OLED screen wrap, the high strength polymer case and a printed circuit board.


The concept device will be powered by an ORB (Organic Radical Battery), that’s eco-friendly and fast-charging (30 seconds to 2 minutes) and also makes the phone slim. According to Orrock, the OLED screen is backed up by a tungsten layer and the display covers most of the handset, in order to keep it cool and feed us with information.

Of course, nature makes its appearance once again, as each layer of the device can be broken down and recycled/upgraded separately.


Infinite Phone’s specs are not to be neglected, because they include a 360 degree screen, a magnetic dock connection, a 8.1 megapixel camera and 32 GB of internal memory. There’s also a haptic touchscreen on board, Bluetooth headphones and sync and charge functions.

All of these features will be upgradeable, so the phone will be cool even in 2020, when you’ll probably buy a 30 megapixel camera module and 320 GB of memory for it.





[via Yanko Design]