XMB-UI Concept Surfaces; Sony Ericsson Ruriko Teaser Revealed

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Esato board user Zuckabaecka is not one to stand by and watch others design cool stuff, so he posted a neat XMB-UI concept. The designer claims that he’d like to see the XMB on new handsets, like the Idou, because it makes handling the touchscreen so much easier. Here’s Zuckabaecka’s version of the XMB plus some shortcuts at the bottom.


Next, we got word that Razec is also readying a hot new concept, codenamed Sony Ericsson Ruriko. This will be similar to the Renton device, since it packs a 12.1 megapixel Exmor sensor, but the rest of its specs are a mystery. Teaser, teaser… below:


[via Esato]