NTT DoCoMo Prototype Phones Are Made of Wood, Behave Like Timber

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NTT DoCoMo has just revealed new concept phones made out of wood and bearing the pretty funny name of “Touch Wood”. The prototype is made out of surplus wood from the trees that are trimmed down to maintain forests healthy, so nature won’t be harmed in the making of the handset.


This eco-friendly Touch Wood phone was developed together with Olympus Corporation, Sharp and “More Trees” also played a part in the initiative, the latter being a reforestation project. The handset pictured above is made from cypress wood and its color is just as Mother Nature made it, without artificial paints or other chemicals.

Even the scent of wood was kept, to give a special appeal to the concept phone, that can be considered an organic piece of machinery. Expect Touch Wood to be unveiled during the Telecom World 2009 event, held in Geneva, Switzerland, from October 5 to 9. The head of this project was musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and the interface of the device is inspired by the works of photographer Mikiya Takimoto.

[via Dvice]