Sticker Solar Phone is a Simplistic Handset

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The device you can see below is the Sticker Phone concept, a design created by Liu Hsiang-Ling. This is an eco-friendly phone that uses a solar panel to gets its needed energy and it’s able to stick to a window glass via suction. This is the best way to get some extra signal and sunlight.


Sticker Phone is made out of polysiloxane (silicone) and it’s a device that’s not impossible to manufacture, specially by a company that’s keen on green technologies, like Samsung, Nokia or Sony Ericsson. The curved design at the back of the handset encourages the suction concept and, as you can see, the solar panel is placed at the back.

At the front there’s a digital ink soft-screen and polysiloxane phone keys. You stick the phone to a window like a normal sucker and tear it off by pulling its antenna.



[via Yanko Design]