Wood Smartphone, Green Concept All The Way

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We’ve seen a lot of wood-based phones lately, either using wood panelling, made out of bamboo, or old-fashioned wood. This time we’re dealing with a Wood smartphone, designed by Gernot Oberfell, from the UK. This concept took part in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2008 and it uses WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) made out of 80% natural fibres.


The smartphone’s buttons and caps are made of biodegradable plastic, so it’s extremely easy to save the Planet and stay high-tech on the go. Also, it seems that as time goes by, the phone will look and feel nicer, since the wood will start biodegrading (in a good way). This phone’s so eco-friendly that beavers could buy dams out of it!

[via Core77]