Rollable Phone Design Gets Rendered by DBS Designing Team (Video)

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Over the past few days, all the big phone makers have mimicked MOTO RAZR 2019 and its design. However, there are some still dreaming of a proper foldable and rollable phone. One such design comes from the enthusiasts of DBS Designing Team, which show their vision below.

What we’re dealing with here is a foldable phone replacement and the future of foldables. While this concept phone doesn’t have a name, it sure is posh. In order to expand its viewing surface, you need to pull its sides. The expansion mechanism isn’t detailed and one can imagine sliding parts, rails or maybe a truly elastic material. We could also see a very slim OLED sheet rolled onto a cylinder of sorts.

The rectangular approach feels like a Surface Phone of yesteryear, but I truly like the side piece that includes the cameras, the so called “book stub”. The golden Power button and red button or sensor upfront make a nice pair. I would suggest that this device expanded with a press of a button and not brute force. Also, this rollable phone is much slimmer than I expected or imagined. Not bad overall, but I need to really have a gander inside it at the expanding mechanism.

[via DBS Designing Team]

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