Translucent Phone Concept Has 4K Display, Translucent Body

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After so many iPhone, Samsung and Nokia concepts, here we are with a more mysterious machine. It doesn’t have a name, but it proposes some interesting concepts. Rendered by Noah Mesh, the handset was created using Blender 3D.

This smartphone has a translucent body, which is pretty much its selling point and also offers a 4K resolution. It has very narrow bezels and what I like here is the atypical back side and camera integration. There’s a very cartoonish and sketch-ish vibe about the device, which I also dig. I feel that the capacitive buttons (or virtual who knows) are oversized here and the fact that they’re also shown at the back is no compliment.

The device is curved and it’s possibly completely made of glass. I could see this happening and coming from Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus or some other Chinese company ready for a revolutionary approach. A seventh generation CPU is also said to be inside and somehow I’m guessing it’s not an Intel Core i though…

[via Behance]

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