Consolor HD2, Much Better Than the PSP Phone

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If I were to choose between the PSP Phone and this gadget, the Consolor HD2 would win the battle, hands down. Created by Joseph Dumary, this concept console features an AMOLED HD screen, displaying Full HD images with an unique level of brilliance. This is the follow-up to the Consolor HD1 design, that received many votes on this website.

Consolor HD2 is able to display local television channels, it performs free calls with other similar consoles and exchanges files. Also, the gadget supports multitasking, photo and video editing and YouTube video publishing. Of course, social networking is also on board and there’s a cartridge system included, too, just like on the good old GameBoy.

However, this cartridge contains a high speed chip, that eliminates loading times. Consolor HD2 comes with two HD cameras, one upfront and one at the rear. Video chat and HD pics are supported, as well as facial recognition. Multiplayer is another feature of this console, paired with a Bluetooth headset, that will keep you in touch with other players.

Joseph Dumary informs us that the device uses the “DP Connect Technology”, that connects it to a TV, in order to watch photos, videos and more. The connection is done without cables, at a maximum distance of 5.5 meters. The console is able to play content on external 2TB hard drives as well and it stores files on the external “HDD WiFi”. I’d choose this console over the PSP Phone any day. How about you?

  • Shauny

    Wow!!!absolutely crazy!! the design is perfect..hope it will be out soon.

  • gamer boy

    where is the 2nd stick…thats what we missed on psp

  • richard acer

    i need to buy it now