I NEED this PlayStation Tablet Console

Whenever I see a portable PlayStation concept or a PSP Phone I get really nostalgic and I remember creating this website in 2008 particularly for such devices. I wanted to put them out there and give designers a platform to showcase their work and maybe some of the concepts reached device makers.

Today we get to see Micheal Muleba’s PlayStation Tablet Console, or the PS Slab, if you will. It comes with 256 GB of internal storage, 32 GB of RAM and a 4K display. The controller is actually part of the body and can also act like a dock. It hosts a speaker system and an additional battery set, which offers an extra 5 hours of gaming. It’s PS5 game compatible. The back side of the device totally feels like a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a mix of iPad Pro.

The facade has very narrow bezels, perhaps too narrow, so there’s no room to place your fingers. I dig the huge chromed controller attached to the device and I’m also shocked by the fact that it has an extra screen. It hosts a D Pad, two thumbsticks, 4 Action buttons and from what I can see they even light up. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s no need for huge storage and RAM, this can be a cloud-based device with a bigger battery and powerful WiFi 6E and 5G modems.

Display and connectivity are now more important than Storage and RAM. What’s your take?

Via Micheal Muleba

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