RAZER Tarox Gaming Smartphone Fixes Everything Wrong With Razer Phone

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Every time Mladen Milic sends us a concept phone, we know it’s going to be good. This time he treats us with a gaming phone dubbed RAZER Tarox, which is a project he has been working on for a long time. It has Nextbit Robin vibes, but there’s more to this gaming machine.

Mladen expected more from the RAZER phone and wants to fix that disappointment. The way to do that is throug the TAROX Gaming device. The handset is a combination between the Nextbit Robin and the Razer Phone, with some tweaks and upgrades. The RAZER logo at the back is raised a little, just like the device’s dual cameras. That way, the sound is able to flow normally and be heard easily without blocking the speakers, when the device is placed on the back.

The bump of the dual cameras and the Razer logo should basically be at the same level, so the device stays straight when placed on a flat surface. Obviously, specs are getting upgraded, including a Super AMOLED 6 inch screen and highest end CPU, a futuristic Snapdragon 855, based on 7 nm tech maybe. There’s 10 or 12 GB of RAM here, up to 512 GB of storage and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

The 4000 mAh battery is here to stay and 4 rear firing speakers are included. As the trend dictates, the RAZER Tarox has a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen. Available in black and black, the phone is made of ABS with matte finish and polished metal. The back camera design feels like a Nokia one and the facade is clearly a throwback to an older HTC, like a HTC One M9 maybe.

This handset’s tall format also gives me some OnePlus 5T vibes. Not bad, not bat at all!

[via Mladen Milic]

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