Google UltraPixel Phone Adopts the Pop Out Camera (video)

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We’ve all heard about the Google Pixel Phone, but what about the Ultrapixel phone? Apparently, that’s also happening, courtesy of PH Concepts and G.C. Design, who envisioned the Google UltraPixel Phone.

The devices has much narrower bezels compared to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2, while the pop out part is much wider than the Vivo NEX and also different from the Oppo Find X. I see that the SIM card slot is placed at the bottom and the top part of the phone has some sort of extra notch at the top, not the front of the screen, but the actual device top.

The back camera is pretty discrete and it’s still a singular affair, with a discrete flash and mics nearby. The format is also rather typical, feeling a bit like a throwback to the Nexus 4 days, with a rectangular and curved corner approach. The face of the device is all screen, as expected and since we don’t see an earpiece, it’s probably embedded within the panel.

Actually, after looking a bunch more times at the video, I spotted a sort of earpiece within the pop out part for the camera, so it’s actually happening.

[via PH Concepts]

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