HTC Bleyback is Really, Really Flat, Comes With Beats Audio

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In case you didn’t know there’s a special Facebook page for HTC concepts, that shows some interesting designs. They include the very original HTC Bleyback, an extremely thin and flat concept, that’s shown in the images below. The designer who created them wants to send these pictures to HTC, in order to help create a new smartphone.

The designer envisions a HTC Bleyback priced at 489 euros and its specs should be similar to the ones of the HTC Sensation XL, but with an upgrade. The back cover is also changed in comparison with the XL and I expect HTC Sense 4.0 on board here, as well as Android Ice Cream Sandwich. There’s also a special limited edition with a green/white back.

As you can see there’s Beats Audio branding on board, so the cool headphones that come with the Sensation XE and XL will be included in the mix. HTC BleyBack looks like a device that can challenge the very thin Motorola Droid RAZR to a duel, when it comes to waistline. Imagine if this device was thinner than 7mm… although the designer had something like less than 8-9mm in mind. I wonder what camera sensor can fit in such a tiny profile.

[via HTC Concepts]


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