Samsung Flexible Display Transparent Tablet Also Involves 3D Technology in a Beautiful Concept (Video)

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It’s one thing to see a concept from a designer and another to see an idea coming straight from a big company, such as Samsung. This is what happened with the following images and clip, that showcase the features of a Samsung flexible display tablet of the future.

This incredible device is also transparent and very, very thin, plus it’s foldable, so it can fit in the tiniest purses and bags. Samsung’s flexible concept tablet shows 3D graphics, allows instant translation, augmented reality interaction and even projects 3D holograms on its surface. Meanwhile the technology behind this is flexible AMOLED, something we’ve heard about and even seen in recent trade shows at Samsung’s booths.

Everyone is saying that the main problems with flexible screens and devices are batteries and resilience. The key to solving problems would be organic materials and solar charging, but we’re maybe years away from that and all we can do now is glance at prototypes and concepts. Would a transparent tablet make the difference on today’s market?


[via Tablet News]