HTC Butterfly Pro Envisioned by Hasan Kaymak

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Everyone is dreaming about the HTC One M8 aka HTC One 2014 these days, but let’s not forget about the Butterfly series, that has given us some very interesting models over the years. Now Hasan Kaymak has come up with a HTC Butterfly Pro concept shown below.

htc butterfly pro concept

This is a mere teaser for now and the final work will come over the following days/weeks. The designer also wants us to imagine the specs for this model, so let’s speculate a bit. I’m guessing that HTC would want to keep some of the design traits they’ve been using on their recent Desire models, like the Desire 816 or 610.

Or, they could go with Hasan’s design, that seems to involve a slightly curved back and what looks like a button-free front area, finally giving us virtual buttons on this HTC model. I imagine that the screen is a 5.5 incher, maybe even one with a 2K resolution, since the new HTC Butterfly would come this fall, when 2K would already be trendy.

On the CPU side we’ve got a Snapdragon 805 and at the back we may find the same dual camera as the one present on the HTC One 2014. This is to the HTC One M8 what the Galaxy Note is to a Galaxy S, its bigger brother…

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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