HTC Clear Concept Phone is a Transparent Handset Made of a See Through Glass

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I’m pretty sure that ever since this site was founded I’ve seen less than 20 see through glass concept phones. Thus, I can say that this approach has been neglected. Well, no longer, since Webomedia from Croatia has created a glass and see through HTC concept handset.

HTC Clear concept transparent phone

It’s called HTC Clear and it comes with an edge to edge display, as well as what appears to be a totally glassy case. There’s no telling if the effect is created via optical illusion, using a bunch of cameras, or if the case is actually all glass, but it does look interesting. There are several problems that such a design poses: fragility, thickness, the inclusion of components in an efficient way and the ease of use.

I guess it may be fine to enjoy the augmented reality benefits of a transparent design, but it’s also very distracting to see what’s happening in the background while you’re texting, checking your Facebook or email. In the end it could work with a bunch of cameras, that turn transparency on or off, depending on what they capture.

[via Behance]

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