HTC CrampX Design is Basically a Bigger HTC Rezound

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How about a fresh HTC concept phone coming from the same HTC Concepts page on Facebook, this time with a new logo? I’m talking about the HTC CrampX phone, that’s pictured below and it’s pretty much a combo between the HTC Rezound and HTC Sensation XL, at least as far as specifications go. This is a very thin 4.7 inch smartphone that runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

This Android 4.0 HTC handset comes with a 2GHz dual core processor, a 4.7 inch 720p HD screen and Beats Audio technology. The Sense 3.5 interface is applied on top of Ice Cream Sandwich, although I’d dare to say that HTC Sense 4.0 is required here, since Sense 3.5 doesn’t bring much improvement, as seen on the HTC Rhyme. The classic lock ring is available here on the screen of the device, while its upper side reminds me of the original HTC Sensation, as far as design goes. The capacitive buttons on the bottom seem a bit too close to the edge to be comfortable, though…

The back side looks like the HTC Sensation XL and a bit like the one of the HTC Titan, if I were to make comparisons. That’s pretty cool, but I sure hope that the case is not as weak as the one on the Sensation XL or that nasty thing like a shell on the Sensation and Sensation XE. You might not know this, but that huge shell case caused death grip…

[via HTC Concepts]


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