HTC Honey Handset Runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb With Sense UI

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No Android 3.0 handsets have been confirmed yet and we don’t even know if there will be such a device, but what’s sure is that concepts are way ahead. HTC Honey is a Honeycomb phone created by joyStudios and shown below. On top of Android 3.0 it uses HTC Sense and its specs include Bluetooth 3.0 and 4G.

This device also comes with WiFi, GPS and an 8 megapixel camera with flash, capable of 1080p video recording. HTC Honey incorporates a 3.7 inch Super AMOLED display with multitouch, supporting a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. 32/64GB of memory are also available on the device, as well as HDMI out.

You also get a taste of the phone-customized Android Honeycomb in the last image below, if you’re curios. All the people in the know say that Android 3.0 will eventually hit smartphones. What do you think?

[via joyStudios]