HTC One M10 Render is More About the Minimal UI Than the Actual Device

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Vlado Ivankovic had previously created an iPhone 8 concept that was met with mixed feelings by our readers. Now he used the same template to come up with a HTC One M10 concept, that’s more about the UI than the actual device design.

HTC One M10 concept vlado 1

The design is asymmetrical here, with a wider front top speaker and a narrower front speaker at the bottom. This model adopts an edge to edge approach and a black/white/gray UI approach, with very minimalistic symbols. I find the font used by the designer interesting and somehow it reminds me of the one used in the Mission Impossible title screens, so it’s not exactly well suited for a smartphone.

The back doesn’t stray very much from what Samsung and HTC are offering right now, with a big camera, that at least doesn’t protrude very much. Back to the UI, the font is a bit too rounded for my liking, but the whole transparency and minimalism of it all may work… Be sure to check out the rest of the designer’s UI renders.

HTC One M10 concept vlado 2

[via Behance]

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