Hass. T Designs His Own Concept Phone and OS: Vision VM 5.1 Fuji

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Designer Hass. T has rendered not only a concept phone, but also a concept OS, tentatively called VM 5.1 Fuji. The handset is called Vision Pro Phone 2R and if you’ve been watching the designer’s Google+ page, you surely know that this is inspired by previous creations.

Vision VM 5.1 Fuji concept 1

The concept OS is based off Android and it’s basically a skin/launcher with custom widgets. Android M is the starting point and the handset is called Pro Phone 2R and feels a bit like the last HTC render created by the same designer. I see here a discrete speaker grille for both front speakers and we’ve got a shiny metal frame going all around the handset.

Vision VM 5.1 Fuji concept 2

While I do like the design of the UI and widgets there are two problems I have to object about: the elongated battery symbol and the circular contours with white background for the icons. I fancy the phone more than the concept UI. How about you?

Vision VM 5.1 Fuji concept 3

Vision VM 5.1 Fuji concept 4

[via Hass. T]

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