HTC One M9 Gets a New Vision Thanks to Philipp Pomplun

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Philipp Pomplun from Germany has envisioned a new approach to the HTC One M9, that everyone is talking about. He sees it as a squared device, with narrow (but not very narrow) bezels, plus a new type of UI.

HTC One M9 concept december 2014

There’s a dual LED flash at the back and what seems to be a touch mechanism on the side, used as volume buttons. Can’t tell what the body is made of, but I’m guessing soft touch polycarbonate or maybe metal. The icons are shaped like hexagons and we also get virtual buttons on each side of the HTC logo (could be capacitive in the end). I can’t say HTC will go this way, especially considering the line they followed with the latest HTCs.

The UI is what I find interesting here, although it kind of reminds me of some launchers I saw a while ago. The Duo camera is still here, more discrete than ever and I have to say that I don’t expect HTC to adopt this rectangular and angular design. Do you?

[via Behance]

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