HTC Mobile Concept Created by Nada Sultan Has Customizable Back Covers

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It’s been a while since I last saw a HTC concept phone, so I’m excited by this new set of renders, created by designer Nada Sultan, from Egypt. The handset sticks to the original HTC format and frame, the one of a rounded rectangle, but the body gets some tweaks.


There’s also a metal finish here and some customization is available. The back cover can be customized with different patterns, colors and textures, suiting each and every taste. This handset is targeted towards teenagers and adolescents and it comes with a body that’s comfortable to hold for longer hours, as well as fashionable back cover textures.


The back side is rounded and the texture is intriguing and artsy to say the least. The device is tailored to suit the ergonomics of the user’s palm and also we get a trademark chin and sloped front bottom area. My only gripes here are the thickness of this HTC concept phone, as well as the fitting of the UI on screen. Still, the design is rather classic for HTC, so not bad.





[via Behance]

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