HTC Mobile Phone Concept of 2020 is Out of This World

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Lacking real new concepts these days, we turn towards the past and uncover the HTC Mobile Phone 2020 concept. The machine was rendered back in 2015 by Yulia Kamalova and it’s truly atypical.

It’s a bit of a keychain phone, that expands from a tube, with a folding touchscreen mechanism. The camera of the phone is shown as a sort of keychain and it can be pulled from the handset on a flexible cord. The UI seems to be the classical HTC Sense and the device’s flexibility must’ve been revolutionary in 2015, but today we have a different definition of flexibility…

I find that this could also work as a pendant and can’t quite understand how the whole thing opens up and how it gets contorted back into a tube again. Still, the simple mention of a folding phone in 2015 is quite admirable and ahead of its time. Still, fragility seems to be an issue for me in this case.

via Behance

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