HTC Slim, the Definition of Curves, Designed by Sylvain Gerber

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We’ve finally found the man behind this beautiful NEC concept phone and his name is Sylvain Gerber. Now he greets us with a beautiful HTC design, called HTC Slim and this curved phone really it spectacular. In light of what HTC announced today at MWC this is really pretty!

As the name points out, HTC Slim is all about a very thin waistline, which is a challenge right now considering the Samsung Galaxy S II is only 8.49mm thick. The 3 main buttons on the HTC concept phone are big enough to operate with a single thumb and other than the fact this device is stylish we have no info on the handset.

We can see it runs Android, so we guess this is Gingerbread with Sense on top. Great design!

[via Tuvie]