HTC U13 Plus 5G Will Probably Remain a Concept Phone…

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HTC is one of the most famous stories in the smartphone world, as they went from making phones for other brands to a giant and one of the creators of the smartphone as we know it. They were the first with a 4G phone, they’ve had some badass speakers and also made the very first Android phone. Over the past couple of years, the Taiwanese firm seems to have given up on the segment, only making generic entry level and midrange phones. Now we get to see a new flagship, albeit only in concept form. Let’s meet the HTC U13 Plus 5G!

The creation of SkMd Anas, this is merely a work of fiction, as HTC doesn’t seem to be ready to launch flagships anytime soon. If they did, they would obviously make it a 5G edge to edge phone with a 90 Hz screen. What we’re seeing here is exactly that, as the HTC U13 Plus 5G packs a 90 Hz AMOLED display with an under display front camera and a quad rear camera. There’s also a transparent back and Edge Sense 3, for a whole new level of input. The device has very narrow bezels and also very curved ones.

We can’t see much of the back camera, but we do see is an approach that would feel more at home on an LG, rather than HTC. There’s a setup with two main sensors, plus a side one and an extra one below. It’s odd to see a bunch of cameras not being part of the same module to be honest. The transparent part of the back only seems to apply to the center of the device, letting us catch a glimpse at the CPU and some other components. I think that HTC also offered that on the HTC U11+, letting you get a clear view at the charging coil.

I sure hope that we’ll get to see a new flagship one day and perhaps with a better looking camera than this. I expect at least a Sony 48 MP shooter, a telephoto camera with 3x zoom and ultrawide shooter at 20 MP, plus ToF shooter.

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