HTC One W1 Watch is a Super Smartwatch With Metallic Design, Big Display

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Yusuf Catalkaya has rendered the HTC One W1 watch, a “super smartwatch” as he calls it. What I noticed from the start is the use of metal on this device and its pretty big screen.

HTC smartwatch One W1 1

I have to admit that the minimalistic parts of the HTC Sense UI would fit a watch perfectly. The smartwatch shows daily notifications, offers voice commands and even seems to include what looks like an upper BoomSound speaker. The UI seems taken from the smartphone experience, with the same icons and color choices. The smartwatch is pictured with a dialer, voice command and a variety of color choices.

HTC smartwatch One W1 2

We’ve got gold, gray and black and at the back of the watch there are 5 pins for charging. The SIM slot at the back reminds me of the one on recent Samsung Gear devices. I see there’s a round mechanism below the SIM slot, probably the pulse sensor. Infrared remote control is also here and in case you’re wondering, the belt seems to be made of rubber, with a metal clasp.

The locking mechanism also reminds me of Samsung, like several other elements. One of the aspects that are interesting here is the asymmetrical design, with a thicker upper side and slimmer lower side.

HTC smartwatch One W1 3

HTC smartwatch One W1 4

[via Behance]

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