HTC One X2 Render Created by Hasan Kaymak

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When you think of a good HTC design, you immediately remember the concepts rendered by Hasan Kaymak. Well, he has created a new one, the HTC One X2, that takes us about 2 years back, when HTC stunned us with the One X design.

hasan kaymak htc one x2

The HTC One was also a brilliant evolution, but the HTC One M8 wasn’t that huge of a jump. If you take a good look at some of the ZTE, Huawei and some other Chinese brands’ phablets you’ll notice that some of them still adopt that metal ring started by HTC with the One X. Anyhow, the HTC One X2 is a pretty wide and rounded phone with ultra narrow bezels and a diagonal that I estimate at around 5.5 inches.

There are no capacitive buttons this time, only virtual and BlinkFeed never looked better. The HTC concept is made of aluminum and is probably very slim. It’s supposed to be a 2015 device and use HTC Sense 6.0 or maybe even 6.5 or what comes after that. Maybe Android Lollypop will be on board as well…

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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