Huawei P10 Render Finalized by Concept Creator: More Curved Glass, Nicer Facade (Video)

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Huawei’s Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro were the latest flagships that Huawei launched and they were both lookers. Now they can only evolve design-wise, so the Huawei P10 should also be pretty special. We get a potential design for it, courtesy of Concept Creator, shown below.

The result is a handset with a glass facet, that curves gently to the sides and also has narrow bezels. While the Galaxy S8 has been rendered as a narrow phone, this one is quite wide by current standards. It’s also rather slim and the back side is typical for a Huawei, with a dual Leica sensor, covered up with a dark glass piece in the camera area and a metal unibody chassis.

Basically the biggest change is the size difference and the curvature of the front panel. Not sure about the back fingerprint scanner, especially since we also seem to get a Home button for some reason. What’s interesting to me is that there also seems to be a glass piece at the bottom of the back, not only the top, unless I”m mistaking. Nice concept though!

I expect two 12 or 20 MP sensors here, a Kirin 965 CPU and up to 6 GB of RAM.

[via Concept Creator]

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