Huawei P10 Teased by Concept Creator (Video)

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It seems that everybody is ready to give the Huawei P10 a shot and I’m talking about designers here, who are attempting to render the device. We’ve had one or two attempts over the past days and now Concept Creator teases the device below.

We obviously get a metal case, a dual camera and a highlighted black camera area, possibly covered with glass. If the latest leaks and rumors are to be believe, we’re about to see a phone that’s pretty similar to the Galaxy Note 7 mixed with the Huawei Mate 9 Pro. This may mean curved screen edges and maybe also the back side edges. I can’t comment on much else, since everything is speculation right now.

Of course, a Leica dual camera is in the cards, plus the Kirin 960 CPU and a Quad HD 5.5 inch or 5.2 inch screen. Hopefully a beefy battery found room inside. Android Nougat is the OS of choice here, with EMUI on top.

[via Concept Creator]

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