Iron Man 2 Technology Includes LG Transparent Smartphone (Video)

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Iron Man 2 has just made its official debut in US theatres this weekend and every tech freak out there must be pleased with the gadgets shown in the movie. Among them there’s a futuristic LG transparent smartphone that gets pictured below, plus a couple of other device that get detailed in the video at the end of the article.

Kudos to the folks who created this great concept and we have to say we really loved the revolutionary interface shown on Tony Stark’s Microsoft Surface-like coffee table. The virtual Lab and the Iron Man suitcase were probably the coolest technologies we’ve seen in a superhero flick in a long time.

Too bad that the movie is not as good as the first one… Here’s a bit of extra UI action and correction added by the graphic designers working on the film, to make the gadgets look real:


[via GSM Dome]