LG Fusion Incorporates a Mobile Scanner, Wraparound Screen

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We’ve been seeing quite a bunch of LG concept phones over the past week, most of them taking awards and honourable mentions at the LG Design the Future Competition. Here’s another interesting design, created by Drew Janiszyn and dubbed LG Fusion. The device incorporates a wraparound screen, as shown by one of the images below.

The handset uses a mobile scanner, that digitizes business cards and can also scan receipts and credit cards, for easier transactions. You can use the smartphone as a prepay unit, among others. As far as the wraparound screen is concerned, its top side shows the alerts, battery life and other types of useful information, like who’s calling.

LG Fusion comes with a camera with flash at the back, a front camera, a function button and an output area in the front upper side of the handset. Quite an interesting concept, we have to say!