LG Rollable Smartphone Concept Is Back, Courtesy of TS Designer

LG Mobile is pretty much dead, so it’s almost sad to see a brand new LG Rollable Phone, but here we are. Letsgodigital has worked with TS Designer, who made 3D renders of a rumored LG Rollable Phone, which may or may not drop, depending on who invests in or buys LG. Let’s see what’s new.

Back in February Letsgodigital reported on a patent from LG Electronics for a rollable smartphone with a second screen at the back side. Based on those sketches TS Designer came up with this concept, a 3D render to better visualize the newcomer. Available in silver, green and purple, the phone seems to have the main camera facing forward. There’s no folding line visible here and in the most compact form, the device has a retractable screen stored in the housing. I find the bezels to be a bit large and the whole rectangular format with curved sides similar to the Nokia N9, if you remember it. Or the Lumia 800 for that matter.

LG applied a second screen at the back, which changes the whole concept compared to the Oppo X 2021. The camera system feels a lot like the LG Wing triple camera and since these phnes all come from the LG Explorer Project branch, it would make sense to borrow features from the LG Wing. The back side screen can be used like a viewfinder for pics, much like Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is doing these days.

Previous rumors spoke about a LG Rollable with a 6.8 inch screen that can be extended into a 7.4 inch panel. The roll up display is said to be made by BOE, just like the Oppo X 2021 one. I see there’s still no selfie camera like on the Oppo device and also no volume buttons, also like that model. It’s all gestures it seems. So basically this is an Oppo X 2021, with an extra screen…

via Letsgodigital

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