LG Slide Phone Incorporates Tablet-Size Screen That Rolls Out of the Device

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Created by Jason Betty, the LG Slide Phone is not an idea we haven’t seen before, with its rollout screen from the side of the device. This expanding section allows you to view web pages better, get some extra space for controls and navigation, plus cool gaming features.

We are however worried about the fragility of this mechanism, that looks very breakable, to be honest. The big display you see in these pics is rolled inside the LG Slide Phone, but you can also use the standard display, that’s big enough for a regular smartphone. We’re dealing with a very thin handset, one that comes with a fish eye mirror that can be used when taking pictures.

I guess that flexible display technology might be behind this unit, if it ever comes to life. It would mean that this LG concept phone is both a handset and tablet, an expandable one that is, with a folding screen.

[via Design Buzz]