LG V40 ThinQ Concept is Definitely Happening, Has a Triple Camera

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LG V40 ThinQ started leaking, just in time to counter those Galaxy Note 9 rumors. And today those leaks get turned into a render or two, courtesy of @AlbamaFadhal from Twitter. Shoutout to the user, for showing these designs to us.

First thing I noticed was the position of the phone, held like the “V” for victory, which is kind of a ZenFone trademark, ever since the ZenFone 4. I can clearly see the notch upfront, pretty wide, also a slight chin on the lower side. And check it out, there’s a Triple Camera at the back, something that’s been rumored for the iPhone too recently. I expect a wide angle lens, a telephoto lens and maybe a black and white one, or a high res one, like 40 MP.

The body seems to be made of that special material that’s used for the LG V30. Could be glass, could be metal or ceramic, or maybe a combo of these materials. There are also a variety of ways to hide and integrate the notch, as shown by the second render below. I know people are totally hating on the notch, but it’s something we have to live with.

A person wider than me said: “you’re not using the upper center of the screen anyway”.

[via Twitter]

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