Lumia Metal Design is Clearly Inspired by Surface Tablet, Surface Phones

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Jonas Kvale has been a regular on this site, since he keeps making new designs weekly and they’re not bad at all. This time he envisioned a Lumia concept, a smartphone with a metallic design. It’s not very clear if it’s a flagship or not, but usually metal is reserved for higher and pricier Lumia models.

Lumia concept metal design 1

This yet unnamed handset comes with a camera button, which is out of fashion right now. It also has an USB Type C port, a 20 megapixel camera and a 5 inch Full HD screen. It runs Windows 10 for Mobile and its edges are slightly sloped, like the older iPads’ . If you look closely at the back you’ll figure out what the real inspiration for the handset is: the Surface tablets.

I’ve seen similar Surface Phone concepts before, feeling like they have the format of a treasury issued gold bar and keeping the same massive approach. It’s like designers are afraid to go slim with metal phones with Surface inspiration. I like the fact that Jonas didn’t cave in to the pressures of an edge to edge screen.

Lumia concept metal design 2

Lumia concept metal design 3

Lumia concept metal design 4

[via Behance]

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