Microsoft Surface Light by Michael Muleba is a Surprise Lumia Successor

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Nowadays you could be surprised by a Surface Phone any day now, even though the project has been pretty much abandoned. Instead we still see enthusiasts that come up with concept Lumias, like the one below. Meet the Microsoft Surface Light.

The creation of Michael Muleba, this device is expected to be a surprise Lumia successor. It runs on Windows 10.2 and it’s actually full Windows, EXE files and all. The phone has a primary bezel less screen and what seems to be a secondary screen for secondary functions. The lower part of the phone holds the batteries, wireless charger system and also a triple selfie camera system.

The device is actually a looker, on account of not being the usual format of phone. It looks like a slab of glass, a nicely fashioned pebble, with curved edges and the full screen estate looks amazing. Full Windows is a plus, but I’m not sure it fits the cramped format. Of course we have a fingerprint scanner in the screen, a sliding section for selfie cameras and a powerful Snapdragon CPU inside.

No details about the main camera though… The no bezel thing feels like something Xiaomi would try on a Mi Mix 4.

[via Michael Muleba]

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