Windows 10 Surface Watch Concept is Much More Than the Microsoft Band

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Very few Window Phone and Windows smartwatches have been rendered in a realistic way or commercially viable, but today we have a more solid gadget on our hands. The concept has been created by Sean McConnell and it’s pictured below.

Surface watch Windows 10 concept 1

This is more than a Microsoft Band alternative, it’s a Surface Watch concept and the Surface branding brings more weight to it. It also means it uses a metal shell, maybe magnesium and takes inspiration from the Surface tablets. The trapezoid profile is kept, which is a signature element for Microsoft’s slates. The Windows 10 Surface watch concept has a square screen and obviously relies on tiles for its UI.

Surface watch Windows 10 concept 2

Horizontal scrolling is available on the display, in order to move between tiles. The crown button shown here looks more complex than usual and it may serve more than one purpose. I must mention that this model’s band or belt is one of the most minimalistic I’ve seen, but the watch body looks a tad bulky. Now if only this device had Continuum…

Surface watch Windows 10 concept 3

Surface watch Windows 10 concept 4

Surface watch Windows 10 concept 5

[via Yanko Design]

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