Xbox Go is an 8 Inch Full HD Gaming Tablet With a Special Controller

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Created by Deviantart member MetroUI, the Xbox Go is a gaming tablet with an 8 inch Full HD screen and some very interesting perks. Its accessories include a gaming controller that feels more like Nintendo than Xbox.

xbox go tablet

The Xbox Go tablet concept features an Xbox OS clearly based on Metro UI, 6 GB of RAM, an AMD APU and a controller dock. The controller you see here is Xbox One compatible and we get a mobile version of Kinect included in the slate. Its battery should provide about 7 hours of gaming, very impressive for an 8 inch tablet.

The device’s sharp edges may not feel very comfortable after a long gaming session, but if the material is good, the device may be just fine. I can see such a product succeeding, but only with a price like $200 or even less. Is there room on the market for an Xbox tablet?

[via Deviantart]