Yanko Andreev Presents: The Surface Phone Concept of 2013

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We have shown you one or two Surface Phone concepts before, but in 2013 no such model has appeared till now. Yanko Andreev create a very interesting own view on this product, that you can admire below. The designer claims that Microsoft must offer an unique proposal if it wants to draw public away from Android and iOS. He praises the security of the Windows Phone platform and the simplicity of the UI.

The Surface Phone is supposed to provide a real computer experience, when connected to a monitor and keyboard + mouse combo and also using a dock station. The dreams/ideas for the device include it running Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT and having USB and HDMI, plus a big HD screen. The concept smartphone uses a metal unibody design with chrome real metal detailing and it adopts a large HD screen with curved edges. At the back of the Surface Phone we find a 16 megapixel camera with PureView technology and wide angle lenses.

Powerful productivity features are included and wireless is the name of the game, since there are no ports for data connection or charging. This Surface Phone concept measures 11 mm in thickness, weighs a pretty hefty 189 grams and uses an IPS LCD 5.1 inch Full HD screen, plus 3 stereo speakers and a Li-Ion 3500 mAh battery. The battery is non removable and we also get 128 GB of storage, a microSD card slot and a crazy 4 GB of RAM. The CPU here is a 2 GHz Tegra 4, so this is a very powerful device.

I like very much the integration of the Windows buttons below the screen, that’s very, very elegant. Quite an achievement from Yanko Andreev!

[via 1800pocketpc.com]