Moto X 2017 Leaked in Renders, Also Video, Doesn’t Look Very Sharp

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As we enter 2017, more and more devices bearing the year in their name will start popping up. Samsung is expected to churn out a few and so are Lenovo and Motorola. The Moto X (2017) is surely on the list, having been leaked and rendered by @OnLeaks and Android Authority, as shown below.


Even though most times we praise and hold in high regard the designs that leak online or those concepts created by designers, this time we don’t quite like what we’re seeing. From the front the device looks rather generic, sort of like a Galaxy J5 (2016) and somehow Motorola managed to replace that awful fingerprint scanner/button from the Moto G4 Plus and Moto Z with an even worse button design.


There’s also a 360 degree render below, or better said a video and the device seems to be made of metal and keep the general camera design of the Moto X before it. It’s also a rather thick machine, with antenna lines at the top and button. It’s very strange to see that there’s no USB Type C port here, but rather a regular microUSB and that we still get an audio jack.

Of course, the finalized phone may look different, but usually such leaks are right. I’m shocked there’s also no 2.5D glass panel upfront. For those of you wondering, the device measures 8.4 mm in thickness, which is quite thick, compared to the Moto Z’s 5.2 mm for example.








[via Android Authority and OnLeaks]

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