Motorola’s Got Touchscreen Smartphones, Hot Devices Coming in 2009

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Boy Genius Report have just struck gold, by getting info on Moto’s portofolio for 2009, at least the Verizon branded handsets. 4 sexy new devices can be checked out below, the most proeminent of which is surely Motorola Flash, a Windows Mobile touchscreen smartphone, that I would have called Moto’s first Android phone, if it weren’t for the WM thing…


Turns out that Motorola Rush 2 will be available starting Q1 2009, as for the rest, there’s no information on them, except for what we can see for ourselves. Calgary and Rush 2 seem great for texting freaks and web browsing, as for Inferno, this is a classic Moto device, somehow related to Motorola Blaze.




[via GSM Dome]