15 Most Important Inventions Of The Last 30 Years – From Internet To Streaming Services

Humans have always innovated, from being hunters and gatherers to creating apps, robots, and smartphones is a great achievement. Humans don’t seem to stop progressing, which is evident when it comes to technology. Although technology always advances, we have seen the emergence of social media and self-driving cars in the past few years.

The advancements have made it easier for business companies to rise through technology. Some of the companies that have fully taken advantage of technology are the streaming platforms, one being Netflix.

With the help of the internet, smartphones, and Smart TVs, streaming platforms can share their content online easily. For example, to stream the best shows, use the internet to search for the best shows to stream on Netflix.

In this article, we will cover the best inventions of the last 30 years and below are some of them.

Netflix (1997)

The way Netflix started was very humble. Users used to order movies on the Netflix website and send them via mail.

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In 2007, it was the year Netflix started streaming its content online. In addition, they began to deliver their content directly to TVs, Tablets and computers through their service Watch Now.

Today, Netflix is the best streaming platform globally, consisting of a large library filled with great TV shows, Anime, Documentaries, and Movies.  Not to mention, you can stream Netflix content anywhere in the world using smart devices, including Smartphones, TVs and other smart devices.

The Internet (1990)

World Wide Web (WWW) was how the internet was first known. The internet has changed the world for the better because it has given us access to unlimited information. It is a technology that can connect all computers and smart devices worldwide. Making it easier for all to communicate despite being miles apart from each other.

Portable GPS (1990)

The first invention of GPS was created by a company known as Magellan. They were the first ones to create a hand-held GPS device. At first, the US military used the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) but was later given out to civilians.

Now with advances in technology, it is easier for everyone to navigate new places with the help of a GPS.

Drones (1994)

Drones became popular In the US in 2015. The term Drone refers to a small motor-powered device that can be easily carried by hand. The drones became helpful, especially for the military during the war on terror.

Now, drones are used to record high-quality videos and take aerial photographs. The quality of images can be used, especially when creating 3D maps.

Mobile Broadband (1991)

The Mobile Broadband became available in 1991 and enabled cell phones to have internet. At first, the speeds were not as fast, for it consisted of 2G for mobile phone technology. But late, the speeds improved as they provided the 3G and 4G generations. Now it is easier to work from anywhere as it has made it easier to pick up 3G signals in most parts worldwide.

Mobile broadband gives freedom to access the internet without being restricted to a Wi-Fi connection.

Hybrid Cars (1997)

The good thing about Hybrid Cars is that they can help lower fuel costs and help improve fuel economy. In addition, these cars are environmentally friendly for they consist of twin powered engines, one of gasoline, and the other for electric motors. This new way of transportation will prove vital, especially in a world that is worried about climate change.

Google Search (1997)

People online use google to search for what they are looking for. Although it faces competition from other search engines, it’s by far the best search engine. Moreover, it has a lot of useful information from various sources available on the planet.

DVDs (1998)

Years back in the 90s, the VHS cassette tapes were used for recording video and audio recordings. But in 1998, versatile digital disks were introduced and, as a result, replaced the VHS tapes. As a result, the DVDs were better quality for picture quality and didn’t require rewinding.

Today, DVDs haven’t degraded in quality but have only improved. As a result, the disc can hold a lot of video content in it as long as it’s not damaged more than VHS tapes.

Facebook (2004)

Facebook was launched in 2004. Their main goal was to create a platform to help keep family and friends in touch. There were other social media platforms available, but it came to be the best source of information from people worldwide. 

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It is the best place to share everything about your life and helps friends to chat instantly. The company now offers a lot of other services.

YouTube (2005)

YouTube was launched in 2005. YouTube is a video-sharing service where you can watch, like, dislike, share, comment and upload your video. It is easier to access YouTube by using any smart device.

The freedom it gives has seen it become a venue for millions of people who find their voice online. The culture that YouTube has created is a unique one.

The iPhone (2007)

In the last 30 years, the iPhone has proved to be one of the best transformative devices around. It has access to creative tools that many people in the world admire. Moreover, the invention of the iPhone and other smartphones has completely eased the way we communicate with each other.

Bitcoin (2009)

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. It brought the idea of digital currency. Something that wasn’t discovered by anyone before. The introduction of digital currency helped entrepreneurs to do business internationally rather than sticking to national markets.

The coin can be traded online and used for making purchases.

Photoshop (1990)

Photoshop software is used to edit photos, digital art, graphic design, and animate. The software is flexible in a way that one can be able to adjust photos for what you would want them to be.

It consists of tools that helps artist bring their ideas to life.

International Space Station (1998)

1998 was when the first piece of the International Space Station was launched by a Russian rocket. Later, other countries added more pieces, and a few years later, it was ready for humans.  

A space satellite hovering above the coastline

Since then, the station has only expanded, and in 2000, it hosted long-term residents. The station has also been used for research and educational purposes.

Self-Driving Cars (2012)

Self-driving cars show how technology has advanced, especially GPS technology and artificial intelligence. These cars won’t need a human operator because it consists of sensors, radar, GPS, and cameras, making it possible to navigate roads.

Soon, humans will use self-driving cars to make transportation, making our future easy.


Technology invention has only made things easier for all of us. It has made the world look a bit smaller to communicate with people far away. The new inventions will only make the world more interesting, and we can’t wait to see the next step.

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