4 Simple Ways How To Get Free Money Instantly

A lot of people may think that there is no such thing as free money. It is completely understandable, though, generation after generation, we are taught that only hard work will pay our way throughout life.

Surprisingly, the times had changed. There are numerous opportunities to get exactly that – free money. And, best of all, it is very easy and quick! These are the 4 simple ways how to get free money instantly.

Investment platforms

Right off the bat, the suggestion of using various investment platforms as a means to get free money seems strange. Investing does mean putting your own money into certain businesses. However, various investment platforms had started to pop up, and this caused competition between them.

To gain an edge over their competitors, many investment apps have started to provide generous sign-up bonuses. For example, SoFi, a stock investing app, gives out potentially the largest sum of free money just for registering. There, upon opening a free brokerage account, you can get anywhere from $5 to $1000 instantly to your account.

Needless to say, after you receive this great bonus, you are free to use it as you wish. This opens up an opportunity to grow the free money with further investing. After all, there is no risk involved since you are not investing any money of your own but rather using what the app gave you just for registering.

Survey sites

A similar case can be found in the survey sites market. This way of making some extra money had been on the internet for quite a while. Naturally, due to this, there are more survey sites available than one can possibly count.

To incentivize people, survey sites offer sign-up bonuses too. As always, it varies from website to website, but they can be very generous at times. InboxDollars and MyPoints, websites focused on micro tasks and surveys, give $5 to their new users upon registration, whereas Branded Surveys, a website focused solely on surveys, gives $1 to each new user.

Granted, no one forbids you from signing up to multiple survey sites to collect those registration bonuses. After registration, though, you should definitely stay for a while and start filling out the said surveys. You can make quite a sum doing so, and all of this on top of the already provided instant free money just for registration.

Cashback services

Cashback services enjoy comfortable and steady market growth. And for a good reason, they help millions of people save money on their purchases, and who does not like a great deal being thrown at them?

The core principle of these services is somewhat simple: you purchase a certain good via a cashback provider, and they get a certain amount of the sale value and give some of it back to you. It could be considered a discount, except that you receive whatever the discount value was.

The best strategy to get the most out of cashback services is to sign up for a lot of them. Once the time comes to make a certain necessary purchase, you should check out what deals are available. 

With the number of cashback services online, you will surely find the good that you need in at least a few of them. After the purchase is made, some of the money you had paid goes directly back to you, and with it, you can make more purchases pretty much for free.

Passive income apps

Out of all the simple ways to get free money instantly, passive income apps are the easiest by a long run. In these apps, you get money for doing absolutely nothing. In other words, you just simply need to install such an application and forget about it.

Honeygain is one such app. It shares your unused internet bandwidth and gives back money in return. You can install it on your phone or your computer, it supports every operating system around. The app does everything in the background without your input, meaning that money is dripping in while you are watching a movie or working.

You receive 3 credits for each 10 MB of bandwidth that is shared, and 1000 credits equal to $1. Hence, for example, you will earn $3 for 10 GB of bandwidth. You should not feel any effect on your internet connection while using it, making it a great way to get some legitimately free money without lifting a finger.

Payouts are done via PayPal and JumpToken (a cryptocurrency). Using the former option is also a great opportunity to try out crypto trading since the money you get from Honeygain is free, and there are no risks involved. Also, they provide a $5 sign-up bonus for a kickstart.

As you can see, the times indeed have changed, and free money is a completely legitimate thing nowadays. When everything is so simple, you should not hesitate at all and try these methods out yourself.

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