5 Ways To Spy on A Phone Without Installing Software

You are probably here because you have noticed infidelity or unusual behavior in someone you know off late. However, the ability to spy on someone’s phone without access can be a challenge, especially on devices such as phones. Many phones today feature powerful security technologies, which are not easy to beat.

Fortunately, this guide looks at 5 ways to spy on a phone without installing software. We look at two options for the flagship phone operating systems which are Android and iPhones.

For iPhones

Below are some options you can use for an Apple phone:

  1. Use Find My iPhone

It’s inbuilt software that lets you track and observe the activity occurring on a particular iPhone. You can use it to track cell phone activity, and even locate a device when it’s lost. While this software lets you spy on a device, it only gives insight into its location.

Experts at CellTrackingApps.com warn you that you may have to customize it and enable location tracking for it to function correctly.

  1. Use Find My Friends

Similar to Find My iPhone, Find My Friends also comes factory installed on every iPhone. The software lets you track the movements and target location of a specific device. The major drawback of this software is that you need consent from the target user.

For Android Devices

Below are some ways to track an Android device without software:

  1.  Android Device Manager

For those who are not aware, the Android Device Manager is an in-built software that you use to track the location of a stolen device. Such functions make it easy to determine the locations a given device user is visiting. The major drawback is that you have to customize the app and ensure the phone has an active internet connection.

  1. Google Timeline

Similar to the Android Device Manager system, Google Timeline lets you track the location of a target conveniently. The app is intuitive and does not require lots of customization which makes it perfect for novices.

To use the Google Timeline function, you can access it through Google Maps, and the relevant G-mail account.

  1. Snooping and Touch ID Hacks 

You can also use social engineering techniques, and your intuition to determine whether you can gain access to the phone. However, this approach is not guaranteed and you have to be careful so that the target user never finds out.

The other approach would be a touch ID hack. You can perhaps wait for the phone user to fall asleep, for you to place the finger on the touch scan component. Then, gain access to the phone and peruse through for any unusual behavior. Again, these approaches work, but they are based on circumstantial factors.


You have many options for tracking a specific phone without installing software. However, there are certain limitations you have to consider, and you also have to use an informed approach. Doing this ensures you always receive accurate information, and the target phone user never finds out.

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