9 Apps That Will Make Your Time at College a Piece of Cake

Can you imagine studying without a computer? You’ll have to:

  • go to the library;
  • search for information there;
  • handwrite all of it;
  • try to present it to the audience using just your imagination.

Obviously, computers revolutionized education a decade ago, but this revolution is being continued and fueled by mobile apps today.

Just like order an essay services, modern applications can help you become a better student and simplify your college life. Many people would be skeptical when hearing this, but yes, apps can really transform your student experience.

If you wonder how this is possible, let’s discuss how a few apps can make a difference in your student life.


Did you know that you no longer need to choose whether to listen to your lecturer and follow them or to take notes after them? There is a family of lecture capture apps that may help you focus on what’s being said rather than try to write all of it.

Just imagine that you only have to switch on the audio recorder and that’s it. You’ll have a whole lecture in both audio and visual form. SoundNote works on iPhones only but there are similar apps for Android systems as well.


There is a great variety of revision tools that can help you get ready for your exams. GoConqr is one of them. All you need is to create a collection of virtual flashcards or use the preinstalled one.

GoConqr is not only about flashcards though.  For literally any content that you need to learn, you can also create:

  • revision charts;
  • mindmaps;
  • notes;
  • quizzes. 

These materials may be even shared with your friends when created.


Exams are something you can’t avoid while being a student. But there is a solution if you want to make this period easier. Download BenchPrep and get ready for such exams as MCAT, GMAT, LSAT in a blink of an eye.

This app uses social networking to connect different users and help them get better at a certain subject together. This app has lots of notes, quizzes, and other tasks which you can take competing with a friend. Also, it helps to track your learning progress.


Many students would give everything for them to be freed from referencing their essays. The majority of them believe that there is no more energy-draining activity than creating those Works Cited pages.

If you belong to this group of students, the good news is that you may quit this struggle. EasyBib is an app programmed to create references according to the requirements of one of the most popular referencing styles.


Skype, Zoom, and Google Meets are the most popular apps that belong to the video calling software family. You can choose any of them based on the features you need and connect with individuals or the whole classroom.

These tools became especially popular in 2020, but their usage is only growing. Students are among those who benefit the most from such communication. They meet to not only study but also communicate with families if they are far away.

Circle of Six

Student life is not only about studies but also about having fun. Many alumni agree that their student parties were the best in their lives. Yet, there are some safety issues associated with modern nightlife, which certain apps try to solve.

Circle of Six is an app that runs on both Android and iOS. It uses your GPS to mark your location on the map seen by your close friends. It helps them track your device in case anything happens. Also, the app allows you to make an instant call if needed.

Alarmy vs. Sleep Cycle

If you have any trouble with sleeping, sleep tracking apps may help you. For example, you tend to oversleep in the morning. That’s why you are always late or even have to skip morning lectures. Alarmy will definitely wake you up.

Sleep Cycle, however, will help those who suffer from insomnia. If you can’t sleep because of anxiety or any other issue, use this app to calm yourself down. It is really great because it can help you fall asleep in just 10 minutes.


Nothing is better than a properly organized dashboard where you can clearly see all your tasks for the day. Trello lets students prioritize certain tasks, collaborate with others, track one’s activity, etc.

At the same time, Trello is great for project-based communication. It is easy to integrate with other tools that make it very much useful for group student assignments.

Google Drive

The functionality of Google Drive wows everyone who uses it. This is definitely the best app for studies and work that lets you keep all the files and materials together, access them anytime as well as make edits and create new docs.

You choose who is allowed to see or edit your files. Yet, all the changes are immediately saved and shown to those reviewing your work. You’d better learn to use Google Drive asap because it’s fully integrated into the learning process today.


These are only a few of the tools you may use to ease your student life. We encourage you to look for those instruments that can solve your particular problems as smoothly as possible. With dozens of new apps being developed daily, you’ll definitely find those that meet your needs the best.

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