Compal CHEESE is a Different Type of Foldable Phone, Meant for Photos and Videos

Since foldable phones seem to be stagnating, if I’m really honest, we’re left with hunting concept phones in order to find some innovation. One such brave designs is the Compal CHEESE, a foldable phone concept meant for photography. It was spotted on the IF World Design Guide website and published on

What’s interesting here is that we’re getting just one set of cameras, but those can be used as main or selfie cameras. It’s not the same usage scenario as the ZenFone 6 or 7, but rather a tall format combined with a flexible display. When folded, the top third of the display on the Compal CHEESE wraps over the back side of the smartphone. That provides a slight camera vibe, complete with grip. Interestingly enough the actual cameras are moved in the grip segment.

When folded fully, the display gets divided into 3 segments, letting you use the largest portion as a viewfinder. The subject in the meantime can see him or herself in the other folds facing them. The side display can be used for control, with camera shutter button and other features. The real innovation here is the fact that the phone folds upon itself and uses that in a smart way. It’s very sleek and slim and feels like something Samsung or Motorola would pull off.

It’s also a compact and slim device, that would be pocketable for sure. Price it below $1200 and you may strike gold!

via Liliputing

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