Don’t Let Your Mobile Data Give You Away

Mobile data plays a crucial role in many things. It’s great to help keep your cell phone connected to the internet when you’re away from a Wi-Fi connection. It can also be used to help track your location or use it for your own navigational purposes. But did you know law enforcement agencies can also use it against you?

By now, you’re aware of the news about Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s associate, but did you know how she was tracked down and arrested? The FBI used data from her cell, particularly the GPS data, which showed who she’d been talking to and where she was.

Now, we’re hoping that the FBI isn’t after you, that they’re not going to use stingray devices to send receive signals from cells near you. Good. Because that’s the technique the FBI used for Maxwell. While law enforcement actions are all well and good, they are not the only folks interested in your phone data: cybercriminals just love to access it, too.

With that in mind, we’ve found some top ways to protect yourself

The most obvious? Switching off your mobile data. Simply head into your settings or use the quick setup options on your cell to turn off mobile data, and then you’ll be able to make sure nobody can trace you that way.

While it might seem like the most obvious way, it doesn’t bring about many benefits. No longer will you be able to connect to the internet, so your cell’s functionality will be dramatically reduced because, let’s face it, you need to be connected to enjoy it. The majority of apps and messaging services all rely on internet connectivity, so you’d only be able to use it to make calls and send SMS’. Who does that any more?

Okay, you can also use your iPhone or new Samsung phone to tell the time, take photos and use any offline functions. So that means you need to be connected, and you’ll be looking for Wi-Fi. Not only will you be restricted to places with Wi-Fi, but you’ll still be connected to the internet and opening yourself up to prying eyes. Unless you turn the Wi-Fi off, and if you go down that route, then you may as well just resort to carrier pigeons.

So, try a VPN instead. You can protect yourself online when you use a virtual private network (VPN), whether it’s on mobile data or Wi-Fi. And as you can download it as an app straight onto your iPhone or Android device, you can make sure you’re always covered and will never run the risk of anyone getting your information or location. Even if the FBI is running an operation and you’re in the vicinity!

How does it work?

How does it work? With a VPN installed on your iPhone, you have the opportunity to hide your IP address and instead access the internet from a different one. See the best iOS VPN app, and you’ll find out how it works and how just one resource is needed to protect your iPhone. Because when you access the internet from a VPN, your original IP address is hidden, so straightaway nobody will be able to pinpoint your presence – online or otherwise.

This also works with your mobile data too. When you use a VPN app on your iPhone, you’ll use your mobile data to then log on to a different server, of which there are thousands to choose from. That means your mobile data and any locations cannot be traced, yet you can still use your iPhone however you like.

It also comes with a range of extra benefits too, all of which can be easily done on your cell.

  1. Stream at faster speeds – with thousands of servers to choose from, you can try different ones out and test their speeds. Add them to a list of favorites, and the next time you go online to stream TV, movies, or music, you’ll be able to do it at super-fast speeds.
  2. Enjoy public Wi-Fi without the risk – you’ll have the security and anonymity of a VPN powering your connection to the internet, so you won’t have to worry about using public Wi-Fi again.
  3. Find lower prices online – by selecting different server locations, you can try your favorite shop out and marvel at the cheaper costs.
  4. Workaround geo-restricted content –select a server in the region you want.

A VPN will ensure you won’t get caught out, you have the best security, and that your iPhone experience remains private and secure. Bet Maxwell wished she had one now.

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