How to Tweak Your Smartphone for Better Gaming

If you’re like most people, you’ll use your smartphone for some occasional gaming. After all, there are thousands of games to choose from that can keep you entertained all day long, which is why the mobile gaming industry is worth more than 27.7 billion dollars in the US! 

Whether you use an iPhone or Android for mobile gaming, it’s important that you tweak and optimize it for maximum performance. This way, you can get better results and value for money. 

Where should you start? Read the tips and tricks below!

  1. Bookmark your favorite browser games 

Despite the rise of mobile app stores, lots of games are still only available to play via mobile browsers (such as Google Chrome). Real online gambling games are an excellent example of this. Typically, you can’t download games like roulette from any app store, which is why you have to use your smartphone’s browser instead. When you do this, make sure to bookmark your favorite games so that you can access them right away without having to type out the addresses each time. 

  1. Turn off background app refresh 

When gaming on your smartphone, you might occasionally experience slow gameplay and lag. If you do, your background apps (such as Facebook and YouTube) could be causing this – even if you don’t have them open. This is because the ‘background app refresh’ option is constantly refreshing them for when they’re next opened. So, head into your settings and turn off background refresh for all your major apps. You should find that this tip helps to speed up your device substantially! 

  1. Play closer to your WiFi router 

If you’re playing at home, try sitting closer to your WiFi router for a better connection. When you’re upstairs in a completely different room, your connection will be weaker, which then causes slower gameplay if you’re online. 

Alternatively, you can buy an ethernet adapter for your smartphone and play using a wired connection. The only downside to this is that you must be next to a plug socket. 

  1. Equip a smartphone case 

For better gaming, you need to place a case on your smartphone. This will enable you to have a stronger hold of your device while playing. This is especially important during long gaming sessions when you need to concentrate and keep a strong hold of your smartphone so that you don’t mess up the controls. 

When choosing a smartphone case, go for either a plastic or silicone one, as these are known for being easy to hold in your hands. 

  1. Remove junk files

Sometimes, when a smartphone is clogged up with tons of junk files (such as old photos and downloads), then it can seriously slow things down. To prevent this from happening, download a phone cleaner app and set it to do a weekly clean-up of your junk files.

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