Oppo Prototype Flexible Phone Pops Up, Looks Like a Fugly Tablet

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I am angered and saddened that the flexible display technology is not evolving one bit ever since the Samsung Youm concept and the LG G Flex series. Apparently, Oppo’s latest breakthrough in the field is an ugly tablet prototype, posing as a foldable phone…

oppo flexible phone prototype

I am well aware of Oppo’s innovative nature, with their rotating cameras, VOOC fast charge and all that, but seriously I can’t even describe this thing. It’s got a hinge, from that metal bit I see and feels like a Nintendo 3DS of sorts. It wants to be a phone, but at the same time it has the port placement and front camera placement better suited for a landscape device, maybe a tablet.

There’s a HTC Flyer vibe coming from it and we all know what happened to that product: it single handedly killed HTC’s appeal for the tablet segment (Nexus 9 doesn’t count). I have to remind you of Nokia’s Morph from 2008. Why are we regressing instead of progressing?

[via Techradar]

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