Rainbow Six Siege: 5 Tips For Playing As Lesion

Rainbow Six Siege is a pretty exciting game with many operator characters with various powers. Lesion is merely one of those characters, and he happens to be a fantastic choice because of his unique abilities. 

However, if you do not have enough knowledge on how to use some of these skills, you may find yourself unable to make use of them. This article will instruct you on how to make the most of Lesion’s powers and gadgets, as well as when and when to use some of his devices and abilities. 

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Here are some tips and tricks to help you play like a pro as a Lesion.

Use Lesion’s Gu Mines to your advantage.

The Gu Mines of Lesion are beneficial features that any player of Rainbow Six Siege will want to investigate. These mines are invisible and are proximity mines, which means that once they are activated, they will do ten damage to any enemies in their immediate vicinity. 

There’s also an additional four damage that razes down adversaries’ health that will be applied after the mine is removed.

Make use of these mines to keep your attackers at bay. It prevents them from running and keeps them in place until you finish them off with your handgun.

Combating Thatcher in an intelligent manner

When you find yourself face to face with Thatcher, you should be on the lookout for his EMP bombs. It’s hazardous since they may temporarily disable your Gu Mines if detonated next to them. Because your mines are both physical and technological devices, this is possible.

They are no longer helpful against opponents after they have been deactivated, and they become visible and readily destroyed once they have been deactivated. So if you notice Thatcher in your opponent’s squad, launch your mines to keep them out of reach of his grenades.

The Most Valuable Combat Partner

When you become weary of playing Lesion alone, you may want to consider pairing him up with another operator. Frost is an excellent choice in this situation since he can be used in conjunction with other characters to create a lethal combo against any opponent in Rainbow Six Siege.

Using traps, both Lesion and Frost gain an advantage over their opponents, and their gadgets and skills are complementary. The launch of Frost’s mat and the subsequent placement of Lesion’s mind around it is a suitable setting for their combo. 

In this manner, an adversary who manages to make it through the mat would lose his already low health as soon as he steps into the mines.

Selection of Primary and Secondary Weapons

One of the Lesion’s mighty weapons, the T-5 SMG, is a fantastic choice among all weapons in his inventory. They are necessary because he must be prepared for both close-range battle and long-range combat situations. 

Furthermore, the T-5 SMG mentioned above is simple due to its quick-fire rate and minimal recoil.

If we’re talking about an attachment, the muzzle brake will be just fantastic. It is simpler to spray bullets at an alarming pace due to these benefits, making it an excellent choice for Lesion.

The Lesion is solely armed with the Q-929, a secondary weapon. It’s an excellent bullet-spitter with a respectable damage output of 51 damage, which is more than enough. 

On the other hand, the amount of harm is determined by the kind of courtship utilized by an opponent. You may wish to install a silencer, which is advised to eliminate rotation-blocking technology discreetly.

Attaching a Lesion to a Group of People

Lesion is a fantastic solo character, but she will also make an excellent part of a group. As far as his place on the squad goes, his 2-2 speed and armor allow him to easily fit in as a flex position. Flex is a player who alters his operator to counteract a specific playstyle.

The Lesion can deal with almost all of the game’s play styles. To get the most out of him, we suggest that you employ him as a passive participant rather than a contributor.


We’ve made an effort to provide information regarding Lesion’s gadgets, skills, and even the best role he performs in various scenarios during the game. To obtain the greatest enjoyment out of Rainbow Six Siege, you also learned when, when, and how to employ the Lesion. As a result, follow the instructions and use your judgment while playing him.

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