Slash Smartwatch Designed in Romania, is a Very Elegant and Customizable Timepiece

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Romanian designer Burzo Cipri has envisioned a new smartwatch concept that he calls Slash. The device is supposed to be elegant and customizable and be seen below. It’s not the first Romanian smartwatch we see, since the Vector model also has a Romanian team at its core.

slash smartwatch concept 3

Slash comes with customizable colors and style (sport, casual, elegant or classy) and the bracelet can also be changed (leather, plastic or silicone, maybe even metal). This model has a rounded body, with a glass screen that seems gently curved and a singular button on the side. The belt has multiple small holes drilled into it, much like a golf ball. Interestingly, the actual screen seems smaller than the body and there’s a bit of a “chin” for it, as if a piece of the screen had chipped away.

slash smartwatch concept 4

The display seemed monochrome at first, but then some colors seemed to pop up. I’m very curious about the way the band is attached to the body, seeing how it’s so slim and presumably fragile.

slash smartwatch concept 1

slash smartwatch concept 2

[via Behance]

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